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Example Xfig Diagrams
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Example Xfig Diagrams

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2003-04-03 | Example Xfig Diagrams | Chicken Tractor

Here are the plans to build this:

The sides, top, and back are 1/2" plywood. The frame is made with 2X2s (well 1.5"X1.5"). I used 2 foot wide galvanized hardware cloth for the sides. There is a 30 inch piano hinge on the back. This drawing was done with the free drawing program Xfig. Here is the fig file. I drew this up so that 1" in the xfig diagram is 1" in real life, so this drawing is to scale. The size of the xfig diagram is kind of insane, though, so set the zoom to .1.

This is a view of the chicken coop upside down. You can see the 2'X23" plywood support in the center of the picture. On the back part, there are 2'X3' pieces of plywood on the sides.

Here is closeup of the 2'X23" support from the other side:

This picture is from the bottom looking down the middle support. Use angle brackets at the corners as needed to provide rigidity:

Here is a bottom view showing the nesting "trough" and the roost:

Coop on its side with wire, but without nest or roost:

A peek through the back, over the nest:

Finished coop with back door open:

Finished coop with back door closed:

You can see the chicken cam here:

Here is a picture of the chickens taken with the chicken cam:

Here is a video of Fisheye following me:

See the cord?

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