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Example Xfig Diagrams
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Example Xfig Diagrams
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2019-01-27 | Example Xfig Diagrams | CLI Emoji

I had a pretty great idea for how to tag tags, and in the same effort I was able to tackle the idea of classifications as well. It all started out when I found my old MCJ icons in XFig format. These were the original vector files from late 2005. It reminded me how I felt that person, place, thing, and time were useful. I concluded, mostly, that it made the UI difficult with this many classifications, and went with plain old tags. In 2015 I made a version of my journal that used emoji for everything. It was beautiful on Mac OS X, but kind of ugly on Windows and GNU/Linux. Further, this version had my steganography component in it, which, while cool, made it more unstable and finicky (the graphics libraries changing seemed to break the steganographic routine I developed).

I thought about putting back the person, place, thing, and time icons as part of a web page for presentation. It worked fairly well. Here is how it looked with the old MCJ icons:

Here are the all of the icons and the fig files:

person.fig place.fig thing.fig time.fig ok.fig mountain.fig new.fig x.fig

These were all done in late 2005, so it predates my awareness of facebook. The thumb was supposed to be OK (kind of like like). I didn't end up using some of these. The person looks a lot like the logon for Windows 10. Not that it was that original or anything, but it is interesting. Thing is quite similar to what I use now ( ⌺ ). Here is how I did the CSS:

I used fig2dev to convert the fig files to svg:

fig2dev -L svg place.fig place.svg

The more I thought about it, though, the more I figured that emoji/utf-8 was the way to do what I wanted. Further, if I added person, place, thing, and time emoji (☃,⌘,⌺,☾) onto the beginning of the tag, I didn't have to clutter up the UI like I have in the past. I kind of like the single line of tags at the bottom. As an added bonus, a tag of a single emoji can be a classification using MCJ entry classifications of journal, dream, memory, subject, and dialog (✐,☁,✇,℁,☎). I had to compromise a bit on emoji that worked OK on both Windows and GNU/Linux. Finally, I added classifications for the O.R.N.G. Journal documentation, history, design, and operations (☤,▷,⍝). I figure over time the emoji support will get even better.

One thing that was kind of fun was using perl to replace the old tags with the new style tags on the command line:

Note that in regard to the above screen shot, I changed to an earlier version of UTF-8 symbols that predate most emoji. They are not as colorful, but they are more standard.

[2019: After many years, I have concluded that time isn't that useful. My idea was that I often think of particularly sharp periods. It might be sixth grade, or a time when things changed significantly, and the borders crossed years. In practice, though, I don't think it is that useful. In the interest of simplifying, I'm removing that classification. If it is crucial, just call it a thing.]

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